• Unlimited Calling
  • 911 Service

$16.95 per month



  • Unlimited Calling
  • Call Wating
  • Caller ID
  • Voice Mail
  • 911 Service

$19.95 per month


Welcome to Skypath High-Speed Internet
& Phone

Skypath Wireless Internet

What is Skypath?


Skypath is a high-speed Internet product by Satellite Connections, Inc. We are the alternative product to cable and dial-up in both city and surrounding rural areas. We supply you with fast and reliable internet and phone service for you home and business.

Eliminate the frustration associcated with slow dial-up by switching to our dedicated high speed connections.

Wireless Internet Packages

Standard Packaging

This package is for individuals who primarily use the internet for email and occaisonal web page lookup.

Only: $27.95 per month!


Premium Packaging

The premium package is for the household who uses the internet for email and webpage browsing more than just occasionally.

Only: $31.95 per month!


Gold Packaging

The best value for customers who take advantage of more interactive web browsing, bidding on auction sites and faster graphics downloads.

Only: $35.95 per month!


Ultra Packaging

This higher end package is for the customer who has to have the fastest internet we offer.

Only: $42.95 per month!